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saiyuki__ ------> dirtysoulradio

This journal is friends only.

If you'd like to be friends with me, just comment on this entry and tell me something about yourself (if we don't know each other). For example, who are you, what interests do we have in common, how did you find me etc... After this, add me first and I will then add you if you seem at least somewhat interesting.

No seriously, please do comment. Random adds will be ignored without a further notice unless I really know you from somewhere (meaning you're changing journals or we know irl etc).

+ My super compact contact/info post (f-locked)

23 January 2011 @ 01:04 pm

@Seoul, Jan 24th - Feb 6th

See y'all later ♥

♪: Stars - Sad Robot
04 November 2010 @ 05:08 pm


✿ dead/abandoned journals with some exceptions (you haven't updated in ~6 months or so without any mention of a hiatus or you've switched to another journal)
✿ people I didn't really even know/talk to (not here, not anywhere else)

I kept all IRL friends, regardless of how often you update. /side-eyes most of the journals.
No hard feelings ♥ If you think I've made a mistake and you should've stayed, I'm willing to reconsider.